The Wildlife Garden Podcast
The Wildlife Garden Podcast
Ep. 30 A Riotous Rainbow of Winter Colour

Ep. 30 A Riotous Rainbow of Winter Colour

Gardens should be full of flower all year round! In this episode we prove you can have every colour of the rainbow brightening your garden this winter. Then pucker up for our Native Plant of the Month: Mistletoe.

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Plants for winter


Crab apple - Red Sentinel

Tibetan Cherry

Dogwood - Midwinter Fire

Japanese Wineberry


Willow - Yelverton

Pyracantha - Saphyr Orange

Pyracantha - Orange Glow

Crocus - Orange Monarch

Witch Hazel - Orange Beauty

Witch Hazel - Jelena


Mahonia - Winter Sun


Winter Aconite

Winter Sweet

Winter Jasmine

Edgeworthia chrysantha

Adonis amurensis


Stachyurus praecox


Silk Tassel Bush - James Roof

Winter Box





Grape Hyacinth - Christmas Pearl

Festuca - Elijah Blue

Juniper - Blue Star

Iris reticulata - Clairette

Iris reticulata - Katherine Hodgkin


Siberian Squill

Windflower - Blue Shades


Viburnum davidii

Violet, Pink and Purple

Algerian Iris - Mary Barnard

Cyclamen Coum


Chinese Fringe Flower


Winter Violas

Winter Flowering Cherry

Daphne - Jacqueline Postill


White and Cream

Clematis - Wisley Cream

Winter Honeysuckle


Ghost Bramble

White-stemmed Bramble

Japanese Apricot

Winter gardens to visit

Cambridge Winter Garden Audio Tour


Mistletoe / RHS Gardening

Surprising facts about mistletoe | Kew

Mistletoe guide: how it grows and tradition | BBC Countryfile Magazine |

Mistletoe - Norfolk Wildlife Trust

Biological Flora of Britain and Ireland: Viscum album - Thomas - Journal of Ecology - Wiley Online Library

Mistletoe (Viscum album) - British Plants - Woodland Trust

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Mistletoe Matters

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Press Release: Mistletoe research may keep you healthy - British Ecological Society

Kew Gardens experts identify new mistletoe species - British Ecological Society

The Wildlife Garden Podcast
The Wildlife Garden Podcast
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