The Wildlife Garden Podcast
The Wildlife Garden Podcast
Ep. 33 Let It Bloom June! And a Spectacular Speedwell

Ep. 33 Let It Bloom June! And a Spectacular Speedwell


As we head into June we encourage you to leave the mower alone, with a little help from Plantlife. Then we have the second part of our interview with the fabulous Dr Abigail Lowe, talking about the preferred food for pollinators. And we polish things off with a stunning garden speedwell as our Native Plant of the Month, Veronica spicata ssp. spicata.

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Plants, pollinators and their interactions under global ecological change: The role of pollen DNA metabarcoding

Shifts in honeybee foraging reveal historical changes in floral resources

Using DNA metabarcoding to investigate honey bee foraging reveals limited flower use despite high floral availability

Seasonal progression and differences in major floral resource use by bees and hoverflies in a diverse horticultural and agricultural landscape revealed by DNA metabarcoding

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The Wildlife Garden Podcast
The Wildlife Garden Podcast
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