The Wildlife Garden Podcast
The Wildlife Garden Podcast
Ep. 31 The Garden Jungle and Holly

Ep. 31 The Garden Jungle and Holly

Join us in our Garden Jungle with a fabulous book by Professor Dave Goulson. If that's not enough, we have brand new research from Professor Goulson's team on garden birds and we look at a fabulous tree for wildlife, the native Holly.

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Habitat quality, urbanisation & pesticides influence bird abundance and richness in gardens

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The Garden Jungle

Dave Goulson Talk in Nottingham - Saturday 25th March


Ilex Aquifolium L. on JSTOR

Ilex aquifolium - Trees and Shrubs Online

Ilex_aquifolium.pdf (

Oxford University Plants 400: Ilex aquifolium

Plantlife :: Holly

Holly (Ilex aquifolium) - British Trees - Woodland Trust

Growing Holly

Ilex 'Ferox'

Ilex 'Argentea Marginata'

Ilex 'Silver Queen'

Ilex 'Handsworth New Silver'

Ilex 'Amber'

Ilex 'Pyramidalis Fructu Luteo'

Ilex 'Myrtifolia'

Ilex 'J.C. van Tol'

The Wildlife Garden Podcast
The Wildlife Garden Podcast
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